Interclass Plays 2021

Virtually the same


With the start of a new school year, many new opportunities begin to show themselves; it’s a fresh slate. Sports teams are holding tryouts, band and music are in full swing and drama club is rehearsing for the hilarious Interclass Plays. This year is a bit different than most years though, with the pandemic and all. However, some of the school’s most beloved clubs are thriving, including the Interclass Plays under the leadership of our very own Mrs. Tanya Leblanc. But keep in mind, Interclass will look much different now than in years past.

Meeting virtually is something that we have all had to adjust to in these unusual times. With that said, this year’s Interclass plays are being recorded on Google Meet or Zoom. It may not be as fun as when we are all performing together live but these virtual shows will provide a different theater experience that I believe the audience will enjoy. The four classes are going head to head in a never before seen virtual environment and will certainly be a sight to see. Here is the lineup.

Freshman 2024: Remote Learners.

Sophomores 2023: Absolute Survival Archipelago.

Juniors 2022: The Trials and Tribulations of Remote Learning: A Comedic Representation Containing Probably Less Exaggerating Than One Would Expect.

Seniors 2021: The Quest to Find a Birthday Present for the Esteemed Playwright Zon Dolidis.

If these titles sound crazy or confusing in a way, you may just have to tune in Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23, at 7pm, to find out. You can watch it through a link that will get sent to your email that night! Even though this has been a crazy first half of the year and second semester is just right around the corner, great events like Interclass Plays during such an odd time really help to make life seem a little bit more normal.