5 Reasons why you should try cross country skiing

Cross Country ski trails at High Ridge Wildlife Management Area.

Cate Telicki

Cross Country ski trails at High Ridge Wildlife Management Area.

Many people, especially in New England, know that when winter comes it’s time to start suiting up to go outside – especially in a pandemic. But have you ever thought about cross country skiing in the winter? Here are five reasons why you should try it. 

  1. It’s great exercise 

In the wintertime, it’s hard to get outside and do all the things we love to do in the warm summer months. Lakes freeze over, snow covers the ground, and temperatures drop below zero. It’s difficult to find something in the winter to get yourself moving. According to uwhealth.org, cross country skiing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It increases your heart’s ability to pump blood and it increases your oxygen carrying capacity. You get a full body workout from using your upper body and lower body to ski. 

  1. It’s not that expensive

Even though the skis themselves can be pretty expensive – as low as 300 dollars, but the best equipment can get up to 2000 dollars – going cross country skiing isn’t. You can go cross country skiing almost anywhere, granted you have enough snow on the ground and enough room to ski. Without the need for a lift pass, cross country skiing is pretty cheap. There are cross country ski mountains throughout the country, such as Northfield Mountain in Northfield Massachusetts and the passes won’t set you back too much money.

  1. It’s not crowded

Especially in socially distant times such as these, crowds aren’t the best idea. Since you can ski almost anywhere in the winter, crowded ski mountains – especially during a pandemic – aren’t a problem. You can pack up your equipment and drive to anyplace that has enough snow covering the ground.

  1. It’s not as dangerous


Without the need to race down steep slopes, cross country skiing is fairly safe compared to downhill skiing. You can still speed down hills, but there’s no need for a helmet. You’re more likely to pull a muscle than break a leg. Plus, you will avoid crowds and busy lifts.

  1. It’s fun

Cross country skiing is a lot of fun! If you do decide to start skiing, try any golf course, or even some trails at Wachusett Mountain.