A Huge ´Shout out´ to Shitt´s Creek


What do you get when you combine a family of pretentious snobs with an unsophisticated, laxed town full of unpredictable characters? Schitt’s Creek, of course! A smash hit among folks of all ages, Schitt’s Creek has swept the nation. For a show with such a high popularity, it certainly didn’t start off as dominant as it is today. Originally premiering on the CBC Television channel in Canada in 2015, it didn’t have much recognition in the U.S., although it was aired on Pop TV in the U.S. during this time. That all changed when it was picked up by Netflix in 2017, and it began to receive much more attention. Everyone fell in love with the Rose family, the main protagonists of the show. The supporting characters began to earn much appreciation from viewers as well, their crazy antics serving as delicate comedy. 

As far as the Rose family goes, their storyline begins as they lose all of their money and are forced to move to the town of Schitt’s Creek, a town that was bought by the family as a joke years prior. This town is not exactly their cup of tea, having lived a formerly lavish lifestyle. To their repugnance, they have no choice but to live in a motel, aptly named the Schitt’s Creek Motel. The Rose family consists of Johnny and Moira, the parents of two pampered children, Alexis and David. Johnny and Moira had little to do with their children in years past, which made having to move to Schitt’s Creek all the more difficult, forcing them to have to be together as a family. As the show progresses and the family grows closer, they become more and more accustomed to their town and familiarity with each other. 

Johnny Rose, a caring family man, takes charge of the household. He always makes sure his wife and children are aligned. His caring, sweet persona gives him the status of a loving father and husband. On the other hand, his wife, Moria Rose, is quite deluded. Her negligence towards her children, especially her daughter, Alexis, is quite evident at the show’s start, and it improves very little as time goes on. Aside from this, she is one of the most liked characters among fans. From her “unrecognizable” accent to her eccentric wig collection in which she cares more about than her own children, proving her worth as a mother, she sure is one of the most riveting and perceptive characters of Schitt’s Creek.

As for the Rose children, David and Alexis, they first come on the scene as spoiled and pampered who are quite taken aback from their family misfortune, almost to the same extent as their mother. Throughout much of season one, their main goal is to find a way out of Schitt’s Creek, no matter what the consequences are, as they simply cannot stand living in a motel. David, the firstborn, formerly lived in New York as an art curator. He had many “friends”, many of whom he mentions throughout the series, but soon figures out that maybe they’re not for him and figures out where his real friends lie: Schitt’s Creek. Fans recognize David’s sizeable, ever expanding sweater collection and the snobby persona it entails are well-liked among fans and make for some very quotable lines. One recurring joke throughout is the increasing obviousness that he is his mother’s favorite, leaving fans to sympathize for Alexis, the secondborn; however, this is not always the case. Alexis is quite aggravating at first, her selfish, egotistical antics abundant throughout much of the first season, aside from her wild and amusing stories about various encounters with well-known celebrities. This gradually takes a turn for the good, as she might have the largest character development of the series. She soon becomes a caring, generous person who does good for others, from organizing fundraisers to starting her own business of representing different people and events. Her growth throughout the series certainly gives her the status of a dynamic character, something very well admired. 

There are a plethora of supporting characters in this show, each one having their own unique background and story arc. One of the most iconic, Stevie Budd, whom the Rose family meets when they first arrive at Schitt’s Creek, works at the motel. She isn’t quite the definition of genial. As the show goes on, and her character develops, she becomes a confidant to the Roses, serving more as family than a friend. Another fan favorite, Roland Schitt, the town mayor, is first shown to be inconsiderate and unaware of others, an initial annoyance to Johnny. Nevertheless, the Roses soon warm up to him, and he becomes one of Johnny’s closest friends. In the very first episode, Roland shows up at the motel to introduce himself to the new family, being very warm and hospitable, but soon ends up aggravating them when he refuses to leave. Several other incidents occur throughout the first season that lead to Roland becoming an annoyance to the Rose family, mostly while trying to be welcoming and inviting to them as they adjust to their new life. 

This hospitality is also offered by his wife, Jocelyn, who becomes a very good friend of Moira’s. As the mayor’s wife, Jocelyn is incredibly fond of the Roses, even in season one when Johnny and Moira essentially push Roland and Jocelyn away, trying to avoid them and get out of Schitt’s Creek. Roland and Jocelyn just aren’t Johnny and Moira’s type of people, something they soon find to be untrue. Jocelyn is incredibly sweet and kind, characteristics in which Moira doesn’t exactly recognize immediately, but soon appreciates. She is always welcoming to the Roses, inviting them over for dinner when they were new in town. Her friendship with Moira, although having a rocky beginning due to Moira’s selfish and egocentric attitude, is one that is highly admired and adored among fans, especially noted in their bondage with the Jazzagals, a singing group Jocelyn began years prior. Other supporting roles, such as Bob, the town mechanic and his wife Gwen, are also highly adored among fans, their relationship causing many question marks to arise. Ronnie, another highly liked character, is shown to be distant and cold, somewhat like Moira, but soon becomes close with Moira. 

Twyla Sands, a waitress at the town’s beloved eating establishment, Cafe Tropical, also creates quite an impression on the Rose family due to her charming and caring personality, one sure to win over many fans’ hearts. She always has wise words to bequeath to any member of the Rose family, helping them through any problems they may encounter, from minor to major, making her a very well respected character. Another character whom fans adore is Patrick Brewer. Patrick first makes an appearance in season 3, helping David kickstart his business, the soon to be Rose Apothecary. The two have an instant connection, and they soon become business partners. Not long after this, the two realize how they make each other feel, and they begin a romantic relationship, one duly noted throughout the show, giving the show its stamina: a safe place for all LGBTQ+ members, something much appreciated among people all over the world. This show’s substantial popularity has a lot to do with LGBTQ+ comfort, but also its clever and unique characters, characters that will never be forgotten in television history.