The Kind of Words

The Kind of Words

The kind of words that drive men mad

By Ian McLeod


The kind of words that drive men mad.

Who are you to stand so tall?

Brother don’t listen to them

Who are you to lead them? 

 For they will slowly encroach around your soul.

How do you know the way to glory?


Do not fear the wolf at night.

You don’t know where you’re going.

For wolves can only bite.

Once they realized your lies.

But your mind will turn them into beasts.

 They will tear you apart.


 The enemy will feast upon thought. 

Where’s your lover?

 Any strand of twine it will pull.

Did she leave you alone in your time of need? 

And try to undo your mind.

Why would she choose you?


Son, the road you’re walking

Why listen to this old man.

Is the path to paradise.

How does this benefit him?

Likewise the road of the fallen.

The old fool doesn’t know this new world.


So my descendant I will guide you

No, he will control you.

May the seat of our kingdom shine

He is jealous of the power you hold and plan to make you into his marionette 

And may any foreseen and unforeseen gods give us safe passage to the future

A future of his intent.