New 2021-2022 Oakmont staff

Welcoming new 2021-2022 Oakmont staff

Mr. Lizotte:

This year we welcome Mr. Jeffery Lizotte as the new principal of Oakmont Regional High School. Mr. Lizotte has worked as the Director of Bands at Auburn High School, the Assistant Principal at Northbridge High School, and most recently, a grade administrator at Shrewsbury High School. Lizotte spoke on his decision to work in the education field, “I realized I really liked helping people, that people looked up to and respected me, and that I could make a difference in kids’ lives.”

Mr. Lizotte is actually an Oakmont alumnus! His first impression of the school back in the seventh grade – when Oakmont was a Junior-Senior High School – was that the school was incredibly big. He is looking forward to getting to know the students and staff more, and also returning to a more normal school year.

In his free time Mr. Lizotte enjoys spending time with family, biking, hiking, and traveling. He loves New England so much that he would not want to live anywhere else! One fun fact about Mr. Lizotte is that he has met many ‘famous’ people including Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Roseanne Barr, and Bella Fleck. 


Mr. Bradley:

This year is Paul Bradley’s first year as a guidance counselor at Oakmont Regional High School. Before coming to ORHS, Mr. Bradley was in the financial field, but then decided to change career paths and become a school counselor. “I decided to become a school counselor because it is a job that allows me to work with students and help them find success,” Bradley says. 

When asked what his first impression of Oakmont was Mr. Bradley said that he thought it was a welcoming and inclusive school environment. He also mentioned that he is looking forward to getting to know students, while giving them the tools they need to be successful in whatever path they choose. 

Outside of school Mr. Bradley enjoys spending time with family, reading and going to Patriots games. This year he is an assistant football coach here at Oakmont! If he could live anywhere in the world he would live in Melbourne, Australia. One fun fact about Mr. Bradley is that he once went skydiving and bungee jumping in the same day! 


Mrs. Gorgoglione:

 Mrs. Annette Gorgoglione’s first year teaching at Oakmont Regional High School is also this year. When asked about her past years teaching she responded, “I’ve been teaching since the Big Bang… and the question should be: where haven’t I taught before?” Mrs. Gorgoglione chose to become a teacher because her greatest joy is helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Her first impression of ORHS was that it was an inviting, well-maintained school with excellent art, academic, and athletic programs. Mrs. Gorgoglione is extremely excited for this year because she is teaching a new course and getting to build relationships with her new students.

Outside of school Mrs. Gorgoglione loves spending time with her family and friends. She also loves art and gardening and said, “I love adventures!” Mrs. Gorgoglione has lived in many different regions of the United States, but she chose to return to New England because she liked it the most. One fun fact about Mrs. Gorgoglione is that she also teaches at Rivier, a local university. 


Ms. Bergin:

Ms. Erin Bergin is another new teacher at Oakmont this year. She has been teaching for a few years now, both as a seventh grade English teacher at Overlook Middle School and a special education teacher at Knox Trail Middle School. “I would consider myself a “people person”, so getting to interact with a variety of people everyday is another thing that drew me to this profession,” explained Ms. Bergin. She chose to branch up to teaching high school students so she could teach bigger concepts and ideas. 

Ms. Bergin’s first impression of Oakmont came when she was in high school. She came here for a football game and was amazed at how beautiful the school was. Now, as a teacher, she is very impressed with the art rooms. Ms. Bergin is most looking forward to discussing bigger questions regarding whether or not we can see changes in our American identity throughout the history of America with her history classes. 

Ms. Bergin loves hiking, traveling and going on boat rides. She also loves hanging out with her two beagles, Wes and Henry. If Ms. Bergin could live anywhere in the world she would live in Italy. She loves the landscape, the food and the culture. “They tend to work to live instead of living to work. I am jealous of that,” she elaborated. One fun fact about Ms. Bergin is that she has been to a whopping fourteen countries! 


Mr. Napolitano:

Mr. Owen Napolitano is also a new staff member this year at ORHS. Last year he was a long term sub for Mr. Douglas, but this year he is a full time teacher. Mr. Napolitano decided to become a teacher because he can have a positive impact on his students, whether it’s through schoolwork, activities or even their personal lives. “To me, teaching is so rewarding,” Mr. Napolitano on his decision to work in the field of education.

Mr. Napolitano is also an Oakmont graduate, and he is really excited to get involved with the school again. He is also really excited to get to know his students as best as he can. Mr. Napolitano’s first impression of Oakmont – as  a teacher – was that he was very fortunate to be able to come back here and work as a teacher.

In his free time Mr. Napolitano enjoys officiating sports, spending time outdoors and with friends. If he could live anywhere in the world he would live in Hawaii. One fun fact about Mr. Napolitano is that he currently officiates college football!