Class of 2025: We’re in high school now!

Overall, most of the new freshmen here at Oakmont have been adjusting well. In the survey sent out to four 9th grade homerooms, we asked 33 students how they would rate their first few weeks of high school on a scale of 1-5. The most common response was 4 out of 5, with 54% of students giving that as their answer. 

Fortunately, we didn’t get a single response that said 1 or 2. For teachers and staff, that could be a good way of looking at how comfortable the 9th graders have been so far. 

Another question on the survey read: “What were you most nervous or concerned about entering Oakmont?” There were three main, consistent, answers we got over and over again. 72% of students said that what worried them the most was getting lost in the new school. 

Oakmont freshman Emma Binder said, “I was worried about getting lost in all the hallways!”

Something that helped prevent this from happening was StuCo’s hands-on orientation day.  Also, some teachers taped a school map in their classrooms. This definitely helped students feel more comfortable and find where they needed to be next. 

The tours were helpful, giving many students a little confidence booster. Most freshmen felt better after learning the location of their classes, and who was in them.

Binder also shared a story of when she got lost. She said, ¨I was walking through the lobby and I couldn’t find the English hallway. An upperclassman came over and showed me the way to my first class. I am so thankful for her!”  

Some of the other concerns that were brought up were about the amount of work/classes, or making friends. When asked if they felt better about these concerns after the first week, 75% said yes. This proves patience and adaptability make the first days a positive experience.

For the students who came from Overlook, they already knew almost everyone in their grade. When most of the freshmen arrived on the first day of school – myself included – they realized they knew many more people than they thought they would. 

There were a select few responses that were worried about the amount of work they will be receiving as the term progresses; however, the work load seems to be manageable these first few weeks. 

Another piece of information that we received from the survey was what students appreciate here compared to middle school: “More Freedom.” This was the most common response by far. 

 Most students are enjoying being more independent, and being able to take responsibility for their own school lives. Freshman, Bella Derby stated that, “The first week of high school was a new, exciting experience.” 

Being treated like an adult is something many adolescents crave. The transition from middle school to high school is a great way to show adults how mature you can be.  

After just a few weeks of school, students have already started to feel more comfortable at Oakmont. Hopefully, as time goes on, the Oakmont’s culture will continue to be defined as kind and inclusive so all students feel at home here.