Doggonit: House-breaking a new dog


Sitting wide awake at 11 pm at night is not how I wanted to spend my first night after getting my new dog. Bowser, a french bulldog who is now around 6 months old, was having a full scale meltdown downstairs so loud you could hear it through 2 closed floors and a fan on full blast. Homesick, and away from his dog mom Bowser was heart broken.

The second night, it was no better. If anything, it was worse and louder. Locked in his crate and barking, none of us got much sleep that night. As time went on, Bowser got more used to the crate, now he barks from his crate for about 5 minutes and then goes to sleep. Instead of being attached to his dog mom he’s now attached to my mother, who he has adopted as his birth mom. When she leaves it is the end of the world for the little dog, camping out at tops of stairs and waiting at doors for her to come out. She might even be the reason he whines at night at all.

He’s not house broken yet, and can’t be alone. Bowser gets into random stuff around the house and we can’t trust him not to have an accident on the floor. It’s a hassle taking turns watching a pet when you expect it to come self-sufficient.

Annoying as Bowser is he’s wonderful sometimes. He’ll play with you until he falls asleep and he obeys commands very well like sit and his name, sometimes. His dumb bug eyed look, and the feeling that he has no idea whats going on is so hilarious. He does dumb things all the time and its so nice to witness, he lets food hit his face instead of catching it.

Bowser is a good dog, most bulldogs are the best types of companions, sitting and sleeping in the sun until you walk by and give them tummy scratches and then its right back to being passed out in the sun. Besides the stupidity of most bulldogs and their numerous health problems that can be quite costly, they are amazing dogs that will be your best friend. They’ll sit and watch you do anything very low maintenance and sleep most of the day. Best dogs ever, any type of bulldog.