The Benefits of Owning a Pet


Most people who own a pet know the happiness and joy of coming home to your pet. But, most people don’t realize the physical and mental health benefits that pets can bring. Owning a pet brings companionship and something to look forward to. 

Owning a pet, especially dogs and cats, can decrease a sense of loneliness, help fight depression and anxiety and reduce stress. Many studies show that pet owners are less likely to have depression than non pet owners. Having a pet and being responsible for it gives a sense of purpose and importance knowing that pet depends on you. Having a pet there when you’re sad or angry gives you someone to turn to and make you happier. Petting an animal like a cat or dog increases serotonin and boosts happiness. 

Pets can also bring us entertainment. When you’re bored you can go play fetch with your dog or lay with your cat. You can teach them tricks, or at least try to, and they can make you laugh. The happiness we get from watching our pets play outside or do a trick increases our emotional wellness. 

Owning a pet also brings many physical benefits. Animals need exercise and we take them for walks or for a game of fetch outside. Many people who wouldn’t normally take walks start taking daily walks with their pets. Pet owners, especially dog owners, are generally more active than non pet owners because their dog gives them a reason to exercise. 

Pets bring us a friendship that sometimes people can’t even bring. A pet is a friend that you know will always be there. Pets always return affection and enjoy the affection we give them. They make us feel good about ourselves when we come home and they are overjoyed to see us. 

There are many studies to show the health benefits that pets bring. A study done by the US National Institute of Health showed that pet owners visit doctors less often than people that don’t own a pet. Physical and emotional recovery from major illnesses and procedures was shown to happen quicker than people without a pet. A study done by AAHA surveyed pet owners on their health benefits of owning a pet. They found that 31% improved physical fitness, 76% had a reduced stress level, and 65% had improved mental health. 

Owning a pet can improve your life in many ways. They can help you fight depression by giving you a positive focus, reduce stress levels by increasing serotonin, and overall improve your mental and physical health.