Oakmont Student Council hosts event

On Thursday, April 28, the Oakmont student council held CDMASC. There were busses from all around central Massachusetts that were greeted at the front doors by Spartan StuCo members in their food aprons. The theme was grocery, so we as a council came up with the name Trader Oaks. As busses flowed in, the councils would come in and register themselves,  then be seated in the auditorium. Once all schools arrived, we were greeted by some of our own with Oakmont student council president Allison Sowerbutts and Regional President Nicholas Goodchild.
After a few energizers, we were dismissed to workshops where we worked in groups and the main focus was leadership. Kennedy Alexis and Jordan Augusto ran a workshop alongside Helen Yan and Ciara Lordan. An hour went by and students were then dismissed back to the auditorium, where we then had to vote for our new regional board. Among those who ran Oakmont’s own Allie Smith had a run and was voted in as a delegate. We then finished off our time at Trader Oaks with the farewells from our president, vice-president, and public relations. It was a wonderful success with great work from the Oakmont Student Council.