Evening of the Arts: A display of talent and originality


Another successful Oakmont event in the books. Evening With the Arts is an annual staple within the AWRSD community. It provides an opportunity for people to come view paintings, sculptures, digital photography, robots, and fashion created by Oakmont students. The art displayed around our school brings a great deal of color and expression. While the art create and performed by and admired by students is impressive, Evening With the Arts is a great opportunity for not only students to appreciate this, but also for community members and family members of the artists. 

The Evening of the Arts advisor Mr. Gregory Barry was proud of the efforts. “So many aspects of the Evening with the Arts are impressive. Particularly for the senior artists, their individual dedication and commitment to make art and build a portfolio of work while navigating the ever-changing pandemic goes without saying is hugely impressive.“ 

One of the main features of Evening With the Arts was the Art V and AP Art students’ portfolios. Their art shows just how alive the creativity is inside Oakmont. The art aspect of the night included various colors, media, and themes: pieces such as Malakai Gauvin’s ‘Psychic Wound’ done in soft pastel to Ryan Malony’s home-made fashionable apparel!

Mr. Barry surely appreciated the seniors’ talents. “The Senior Artist panels exhibited each of the students’ portfolios from being enrolled in Art 4, 5 and AP Art & Design. These particular students have been working since September developing their art to create a body of work that shows an original style, concept, range of media and technical mastery. We’re super proud of the quality art pieces the seniors create within each course and the displays they make for Evening with the Arts.“

Senior art talent Ryan Maloney commented, “Having my art be shown in an art gallery makes me feel like a famous artist, which is so incredible. The feeling of confidence and joy when someone asks ‘Wow! You made that!’ Never gets old.”

Evening with the Arts featured the Oakmont Visual Arts students, including Technology Engineering, as well as The Oakmont Jazz Band. 

The technology engineering students showed off their projects featuring electric bicycles and the ‘Doomba’, which can knock down towers over six feet tall! When talking to Mr. Secino about the efforts of his students, he explained that many of the projects’ features had never been done before, and had taken anywhere from two weeks to two months to construct. Mr.Secino was particularly impressed with the effort and problem-solving skills that the students showcased throughout their projects.

Mr. Thibeault and Mr. Peter Jones commented on how students persevered with the highest standards in mind, knowing that they must uphold the reputation of Oakmont’s fantastic shop classes! There were metal puzzles in which you had to untangle the intertwined pieces to free the key puzzle piece. Between the robots and the hand-crafted wooden creations, I’m not sure which shop class I’d like to take part in! Isabella Allen featured her prosthetic works and how she formed the ideas to make her dreams a reality, while Brady Brennen showcased his leather making. 

The award-winning Jazz band played a number of songs for the attendees of Evening With the Arts. Mr.Demora was particularly proud of the students who came out and put together a great performance, especially after two crazy pandemic-foiled years. 

Thank you to all that came out to show their appreciation for the Visual Arts and their dedication to the creative minds of Oakmont. We hope to see everyone at the next Evening With the Arts as well as continuing to see creative ideas come to life.