Ally Lewis





The couple in the apartment above me

Every night

36th floor

Gazing out the window

Into the clear windy night

Stars seen every direction

Moon radiating 

Casting its rays over what we call earth

Looking down at the city

Street lights and neon signs

Drunken folks and their sober friends

I sighed with my mug of piping hot earl gray tea

Waiting for the yelling to stop

Every night till midnight

Just waiting for the yelling to stop

Shooting star zips through the void of the night

Make a wish

“I wish this noise would stop for good”



High pitched screaming grew louder

“Guess the myth is a lie”


Shards of glass block my view of the peaceful night


There she is

He pushed her

And she’s falling

We make eye contact through the window

Her face so pale

Eyes wide open

Every detail could be seen

So shocked she’s frozen

Eyes screaming for help

Less then a second,

She’s gone



Not for long

Screams from below is heard

I look down

There she is

A scene out of a horror movie

Came to life

All I could do is stare

From this glistening window

Once so peaceful

Now so hateful

Can’t look away

Can’t walk away

I am frozen

Staring down on a girl

Once so beautiful and kind

Devoured by hate

Though they argued every night

She could not leave

For she loved him

Though he hated her

He could not leave

For he used her

A life of lies

Ended by someone whom you thought you loved

The window was not strong enough

For his force was too much

May you rest in peace

Under the radiating moon and stars

As I watch you from this glistening window