Got Away With It


Got Away With It

Ava Cote

Horror got away with it

Did I get away with it?
A question you ask,
When you’ve done something wrong.
If what you did was right,
Then this question wouldn’t be in your mind.

What I did was bad,
I ended a life.
The blood,
Is on my hands.

The guilt will rush in,
You won’t know what to do.
The fear will take over,
Your mind will stop.

At the same time,
the adrenaline will rush.
You’ve accomplished what you wanted,
But was it the right thing?

They swirl around in your head.
Did I get away with it?

I did it.
The evidence is here,
To prove me guilty.
I killed him.

You try to tell yourself,
What you did was right.
Your body tries to reassure yourself,
But you can’t.

They will find out.
It was me.
So I ran.
I ran far away.

I did it.
I fled the scene,
I made it out,
I got away with it.