I’m still here

Im still here

I’m still here 

By Emily Murphy


Announcing her presence 

the clouds roll in grey 

Summoning the flow of tears 

from all those who resonate 

her mind, her soul, 

becoming ash 

Drifting farther away

towards the cinereal abyss 


Her tempest of water 

dare fall down 

To patter on the heads 

Of those who are now 

Signaling distress

in the time of mourn 

Another lost soul 

to join them all 


High above the nimbus clouds

you’ll find her in a crowd 

Her body so gull 

you’d see her fragile bones 

Weeping her wisteria tears 

She tries to fight the fright 

After leaving all behind 

it’s hard to remind 

Her presence may be gone 

but she still lives on