By Ryan Maloney


The city skyline looks so pretty at night  

Sometimes I just need time to myself

This isn’t the first time I have snuck away

No one knows where I am

If I stay out too long people will worry

Some compare me to the shining sun 

I like this time

Alone, by myself

A sight like this is truly worth living for

If only I could share this beauty with others

Can you imagine if I leaped off the building

But instead of a fall, I flew

Damn I love my life


The city lights dance with the tears in my eyes

Escape from the world around

This will be my last

No one would come look for me

Not a single person will care if I’m gone

Those who know me say I’m a freak

I’ll always be alone

I should just go

How pretty the world is, to bad I can’t stay

To bad a life was wasted on a freak

A fall from up here would definitely kill me

When I hit the ground that would be the end

God I’m coming soon