The Interview


The Interview

By Bella Rios

Same clean blue suit                                                            Brand new collared shirt

Every day the same                                                              A new day, new opportunities

Tired eyes, bored.                                                                  Sweaty palms, nerves.

He sits in his office chair                                                     He walks into the tall building

Powerful, mighty.                                                                  Excited, eager.

¨Hello¨                                                                                   ¨Hi¨

A firm handshake                                                                  A shaky voice

He questions the young man                                              He answers the old man

Envious of his naive ambition                                            Envious of his power and experience

He reminds me of myself when I was young.               I hope to be like that when I’m older.

But now the spark has gone                                               There’s a certain spark in his eyes,

from the eyes of the mature man.                                      A full life ahead of him.

¨You´re hired.¨                                                                    ¨Thank you so much!¨

He frowned, knowing the young man would                   He smiled not knowing the miserable 

have the same miserable life as himself.                          life he had ahead of him.

A firm handshake.                                                                 A shaky ¨goodbye¨.