2022-2023 Student Id’s Are Out


Laughter rings out in the hallways. Everyone is talking about the new student IDs they got today. Comparing their ID to last year’s and seeing how bad – or well – their photos came out. Some are mortified about a bad take, hurtin’ hair, or poor lighting on their IDs already asking for the ‘retake’ date. Others are laughing about a wry smile or how their skin color looks in the lighting.

Some students in the building wonder: Do they have to wear this ID for the rest of the school year? To set things straight, years ago a strict visible ID rule was implemented here at Oakmont; however, last September our new Principal, Mr. Jeff Lizotte revisited the current policy with faculty and it was decided IDs were no longer mandatory.

After interviewing multiple students and teachers, there are mixed feelings about wearing student IDs.

Ashlynn Mccartney, a senior, feels very against having a student ID. “I think that having no IDs is better because getting a detention for not having your ID is stupid.” Other students can definitely agree with Ashlynn on not having a student ID. 

Some say that they don’t like wearing them and that they “don’t really use them and that the ID is not useful.” The conditions that the new student IDs are in aren’t as good as they were last year. Students say that the IDs are flimsy, bendable, and not as thick as last year’s IDs. Some even question if the conditions of the IDs are because of the school’s budget. This just adds on to the question if students should even have a school ID. Some still have received their new ID.

Zack Leblanc, a senior, didn’t even receive an ID with his classmates. “The school wouldn’t even give me my ID! If there was an emergency, like a school shooting threat, I may be a suspect because I don’t have my ID on me.”

Even though students may not have received their new ID, they could still use their old ID from last year, if they didn’t lose it.

After interviewing teachers, all of the teachers think that students shouldn’t have to wear their IDs.  Mrs. Campagna, a Spanish teacher, thinks that it’s okay to have your ID on you. “It’s good to have on hand and be able to produce it. Not wearing it isn’t essential now.”

Another teacher agrees to at least have it with you to easily be identified. But don’t have a strict policy so strict that it can conflict with a student.

But there are some benefits, outside of school, that a student ID can give you. Some students say that having your school ID can give you discounts in certain places. It can be beneficial for outside activities. Even with the positives of having a school ID, the majority of the school think that having a school ID can have a negative impact.

One student that was interviewed however, showed a mutual side about having a school ID.

“It doesn’t have any effect on me. I think that I don’t really need a school ID, but I don’t care about having it.”

This student really showed that having a school ID isn’t as bad as you think it is. So it all comes down to your perspective and reaction on having a school ID. It may be bad, it may be good, but the decision of keeping a school ID is on you.