Oakmont Welcomes New Faculty for the 2022-2023 School Year

As the 2022-2023 school year progresses into full swing, The Oakmonitor would like to introduce students and parents to the new staff members for this school year.

Mrs. Kathryn Bennitt:

Mrs. Kathryn Bennitt

The 2022-2023 school year is Mrs. Kathryn Bennitt’s first year teaching here at Oakmont Regional High School. This is her fourth year working as a teacher. Prior to working at ORHS, she worked at the Sizer School in Fitchburg. Before Mrs. Bennitt began teaching, she spent twelve years working in the science industry.

“I always wanted to be a teacher and knew that would be by end career,” explained Mrs. Kathryn Bennitt. Straight out of college Bennitt began working in the environmental and chemical synthesis field. She later decided to make a switch to teaching earlier than she had planned. Her favorite part about teaching is interacting with the students. 

Mrs. Bennitt attended Westford Academy, the public school in Westford, MA. She loved the sense of community that she felt within the school. Bennitt added that she feels a similar sense of community here at Oakmont. One interesting fact about Mrs. Bennitt is that before having kids, she boxed and even trained with a Golden Glove winner!

Mr. Dylan Billings:

Mr. Dylan Billings

Yet another addition to the Oakmont Regional High School math department is Mr. Dylan Billings. This school year is Mr. Billings’ first year teaching. He is actually an Oakmont graduate and is very excited to return to ORHS, in the role of a teacher. When in college, Billings discovered that teaching is the best combination of doing what he enjoys as well as what he excels at. “My favorite thing about teaching is that I can have a lasting impact on the lives of young people,” Mr. Billings commented.

Billings’ favorite thing about his high school years here at Oakmont, was the fact that Oakmont offered a variety of clubs, sports, and other activities that he could get involved in. He is coaching football for the Spartans and is most excited to finally get his own classroom this year.  One fun fact about Mr. Dylan Billings is that he loves all different types of games and puzzles. His favorite include board games and sudoku!

Mr. Michael Buswell:

Mr. Michael Buswell

This year is Mr. Michael Buswell’s first year teaching at Oakmont Regional High School, but his tenth year teaching overall. He has worked at both Murdock Middle School and North Middlesex Regional High School, before coming to ORHS. When Mr. Buswell began his college career he was interested in becoming a history teacher. He later found his way into the special education field and instantly fell in love with all the aspects of his new profession.

Mr. Buswell attended high school in Medfield, Massachusetts. His fondest memories from high school all occurred outside of the classroom. He loved attending sporting events and hanging out with friends. As for this school year, Mr. Buswell is looking forward to getting to know    everyone, students and staff members alike. 

One fun fact about Mr. Michael Buswell is that is he very particular about his laundry. Instead of separating clothing by light and dark colors, he separates his items by article of clothing. For instance, he washes all of the tops in a separate load than all of his bottoms!

Mr. Michael Knight:

Mr. Michael Knight.

Next up is Mr. Michael Knight, another new addition to the math department. This is his twentieth year working as an educator. He has taught a variety of subjects from English to MCAS preparation. Knight has always wanted to work with others, and he feels that teaching math is the perfect balance of his personal interests and his desire to help others grow.

“My favorite part about teaching is when I hear a student get it and explain it to someone else, who then gets it too, which helps the first student really get it,” explained Mr. Knight. Knight is a graduate of St. Bernard’s in Fitchburg. His favorite part about high school was being involved in school plays and other projects with performance aspects.

For his first year teaching at Oakmont Regional High School, Mr. Knight is looking forward to seeing the growth in both graduating and returning students. One fun fact about Knight is that he really enjoys playing Play Station Pinball. Some of his scores are in the top 5 best scores worldwide!

Mr. Charles Pappas:

Mr. Charles Pappas

The final addition to the math department is Mr. Charles Pappas. This is his first year teaching mathematics, as last year he worked as a paraprofessional. Mr. Pappas decided to become a teacher at Oakmont, because he wanted to leave a lasting impact on the community that he grew up in.

As mentioned above, Mr. Pappas is a graduate of ORHS. “My favorite part about high school were the extracurricular activities, such as Peer Leaders, SADD, as well as playing in and attending sports games. For this school year, Pappas is excited for coaching Unified Basketball and JV Basketball. One fun fact about Mr. Pappas is that he and his friends created Spartan Center in 2017!

Mrs. Rena Payne: 

One addition to the counseling office staff is Mrs. Rena Payne. Mrs. Payne is working here at Oakmont as an adjustment counselor. But, before coming here she worked with students who experience social and emotional struggles at a Collaborative school. Most recently, she worked as a Clinical Supervisor at a residential substance use facility. From her time spent at the Collaborative school, Mrs. Payne decided that she definitely wanted to stay in the field for good. 

Mrs. Rena Payne

“I love being able to see the progress my students have made,” Mrs. Payne expressed. Mrs. Payne went to Quabbin Regional High School and her favorite part about it was attending sporting events in order to support the sports teams. She is most looking forward to getting to know her students better and building solid relationships with them. One fun fact about Mrs. Payne is that she did ballet for 25 years!


Mrs. Heidi Letitia: 

Mrs. Hiedi Letitia

Mrs. Heidi Letitia is returning to Oakmont Regional High School after working as a long-term substitute teacher in the Foreign Language department last school year. Before arriving at ORHS, Mrs. Letitia taught Spanish within the Framingham Public School System. “I decided to become a teacher because I love teaching and learning,” explained Mrs. Letitia. 

She decided to teach a second language because learning a second language has vastly enriched her own life. Mrs. Heidi Letitia attended high school in Massena, New York. She is most excited for the fall and winter seasons and all the activities they have to offer. One fun fact about Mrs. Letitia is that she really likes to ski!

Mrs. Jennifer Spear:

Mrs. Jennifer Spear is a very significant addition to Oakmont Regional High School’s administrative team for the 2022-2023 school year. This year she will be one of our assistant principals. Mrs. Spear has been working in the education field for over 25 years. For the past 15 years, she has been working specifically in education administration. Most recently, Spear has served as an administrator at Fitchburg High School and Lawrence High School.

Mrs. Jennifer Spear

Growing up, Mrs. Spear had an active role in local youth programs. From teaching to coaching, her childhood experiences made her career choice an easy one.  “My favorite part of my profession is watching the students that I work with when they have that “a ha” moment”, Spear commented. This year, Mrs. Spear is most excited to become a part of the Oakmont community, as well as getting to know the students and teachers. 

Spear is a proud graduate of Billerica Memorial High School, where she was apart of the lacrosse team, and the cheerleading squad. Her favorite memories from high school include participating in spirit weeks, and attending school dances. One fun fact about Mrs. Spear is that she was the captain of the first-ever girls’ lacrosse team at Billerica Memorial High School!

Mrs. Sheena Swanson: 

Mrs. Sheena Swanson

Last but most certainly not least is Mrs. Sheena Swanson. This year is her first year on the Oakmont Regional High School faculty.  She has been working as a special education teacher for the last 18 years. Prior to coming to Oakmont, Mrs. Swanson worked at a Collaborative School for students with special needs. 

Mrs. Swanson actually began college as a marine biology major, but later switched to an education major because she realized that teaching would be way more fun. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching her students grow up and graduate. When asked to discuss what she’s looking forward to this school year, Swanson answered, “I’m looking forward to getting to know my students and the other teachers I work with.” 

Mrs. Swanson graduated from Fitchburg High School, where she enjoyed playing field hockey and making new friends. One exciting fact about Mrs. Swanson is that she knows how to build a house! Swanson and her husband built over 90% of the house they currently live in, all on their own.