Ask Oakmont: What Is Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album And Why?

Some Oakmont students and teachers were asked the very important question: What is your favorite Taylor Swift album and why?

Izzy Gage (Senior): “Debut, because I am a country listener so I think it hits differently than her new stuff”

Elise Boucher (Junior): “Reputation, there is not one bad song on that album. From start to finish it is intense but it also has some softer elements.”

Mrs. Morin (Teacher): “I loathed Taylor Swift for a while until “Shake It Off” came out so 1989 is my favorite album.”

Nola Patty (Junior): ” Midnights or 1989, both are just so good. She literally makes songs about exact experiences I’ve had so it’s cool to listen to them in music form.”

Mrs. Sinclair (Teacher): “Midnights, my kids listened to it a lot so I just thought it was catchy. I like that her songs have meaning behind the words”

Ms. Dubovick (Guidance Counselor): “Red, I like the powerfulness of it. My favorite song off the album is We Are Never Getting Back Together”

Joe Barrows (Junior): “Lover, I like her older stuff too”

Alyssa Parkinson (Junior)- “1989, I like the vibe of this album the best”

Cam Stickney (Senior): ” Fearless, I like her older stuff”

Emma Kruse (Senior): “1989, I just like that era of her music”

Thomas Paine (Senior): “Reputation and Red, I like the energy in the music”

Allie Smith (Senior): “Fearless (Taylor’s Version), It is the most relatable album in this point in my life”

QB1 (Sam Curtis) (Junior): ” The one with Love Story on it (Fearless)”

Ms. LeBlanc (Teacher): ” I love the song Mean (Speak Now), I love the energy”

Meg Wolanske (Freshman): “Midnights, It is good”

Mrs. Heffernan (Nurse): “Debut, I like the country and Tim McGraw vibes”

Mr. Nevard (Teacher): “What’s that song? Anti Hero (Midnights)”

Ryan Rollo (Freshman): “1989, it’s good”

Mr. Caouette (Teacher): “1989, it speaks to me on a deep level”

Leah Peters (Senior): “Evermore, it is the best and there is no bad song on it”

Bailey Chaplin (Senior): “Speak Now, because I used to play it on repeat when I was a child so it is forever stuck in my mind”

Jason Macleod (Junior): ” I like Everything Has Changed  (Red)”

Mrs. Cote (Teacher): “Red, it’s been an album I’ve always been attached to”

Ms. Bergin (Teacher): “Fearless and Red, good memories”

Ed (Coach): “Red, because it is all her”