When does the Christmas season start?


When does the Christmas season start? Some argue the day after Halloween. Others say the day after thanksgiving. There are people who even wait until December 1st to start listening to Christmas music. So when does the Christmas season actually start?

I personally wait to start most Christmas preparations until after Thanksgiving. Shopping is the big one, all Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals come out giving me time to get discounts on all the gifts I order. I also start listening to Christmas music here and there after Thanksgiving because it is still a holiday to be celebrated. Movies however; well, I normally start watching Christmas movies on weekends until a week or two before Christmas, then I watch them more often. Decorations, well I love decorating. Right after Thanksgiving I usually help my dad put up lights outside, a tree and more lights on the tree. I sometimes but mainly watch my mom decorate the house with festive frames and pictures along with other festive decor.  

Think about it, when do you do these things? Do you sing Jingle Bells while eating Thanksgiving turkey or blast music while putting lights up for the neighborhood to hear on December 1st? How about frantically shopping to get Black Friday deals or frantically trying to get last minute gifts days before Christmas?

We surveyed 20 ORHS students, and here were the results.

After Halloween: 7

After Thanksgiving: 10

After Dec 1: 3