Ask Oakmont: What Is Your New Years’ Resolution?

As we dive into 2023 we set goals for ourselves to accomplish in the upcoming year. So this week on Ask Oakmont, I asked students and staff about their New Year’s resolutions.

Elise Boucher (Junior)- “My main goal is to get a better sleep schedule and skincare routine.”

Parker Johnson (Junior)- “I want to work out more”

Dani Lewis (Junior)- “To focus on my health”

Izzy Gage (Senior)- “To read more books”

Leah Peters (Senior)- “To get better at color guard”

Mr.Pilger (Staff)- “My new years resolution is to be more firm and decisive with what I want instead of what others want”

Mr.Dewhurst (Staff)- “To make more bread (not money, actual bread)”

Ms.Morin (Staff)- “To read more books and go to bed earlier”

Molly McDaniel (Junior)- “Care for my mental health”

Erin Boc (Senior)- “Get my drivers license”

Nola Patty (Junior)- “To read 20 books”

Lucas Oliveira (Junior)- “To have better time management”

Ryan Mayne (Junior)- “Better control over my motivation, forcing myself to do simple tasks that I don’t want to do like make my bed every morning”

Mr. Samuels (Staff)- “To be more organized”