Ask Oakmont: What is your highlight from Semester 1?

Semester 1 of the 2022-2023 school year is coming to a close, and I want to know what Oakmont’s staff and students enjoyed most about our first semester of the year.

Lucas Oliveira (Junior)- “I would probably have to say, getting a good score on my PSAT”

Audrey Kerns (Junior)- “I would say my AP Lang class, I really enjoyed being with my friends in class”

Parker Johnson (Junior)- “Probably getting good grades in all my classes”

Izzy Gage (Senior)- “My free period c block”

Cory Roy (Senior)- ” Not having an A block”

Bee Titus (Sophomore)- “I like concert band”

Micheal LeBlanc (Senior)- “Mr.Dewhurst diversity in literature class”

Ally Green (Senior)- “Being in the library with friends”

Dylan Guile (Senior)- “Spending time in the library”

Mr. Nevard (Staff)- “Hearing student creative writing pieces out loud, and hearing students’ insightful perspectives on basketball junkie”

Zach Bessette (Senior)- “Listening to Will Salem’s Bleachers based screen play”

Elliot Johnson (Junior)- “The pep rallys that we had before breaks”

Ms. Morin (Staff)- “We got 375 new books we received”

Ben Landry (Senior)- “My highlight from semester 1 were Nash Hot days”