Stickney wins three rounds of Lions Club Speech Contest


Pictured here, senior, Cameron Stickney was awarded first place at The Lion’s Club in Asburnham. She went on to several rounds in the state-wide competition.

Congratulations to Oakmont senior Cameron Stickney. Cam won and advanced through three rounds of the annual Lions Club Speech Contest.  

Presenting her speech on the assigned topic of Environmental Crisis: Fact or Fiction, Cam was awarded First Place in the local School Round, the Zone Round, and the Regional Round. Receiving many accolades, compliments, and monetary prizes along the way, Cam placed 2nd in the competitive District Round on Feb 19th, with her fully memorized six-minute speech.  

Oakmont and the local Ash/West Community are proud to see a local Spartan show such impressive skills in writing, critical thinking, environmental awareness, and the art of public speaking. 

Thank you to the Lions Club – especially, thanks to the local contingent and representative George Simmons for offering such an important and unique opportunity.

Also, a local shout-out to Hydeia Hamilton, and Paulina Arsenault who won 2nd and 3rd Place respectively in the local November Speech Contest.