Oakmont speaks: What’s your favorite music genre?


Do music opinions change with every generation? Based on this data and research, yes it does.

In addition to that, taking a survey of students and staff/faculty favorite artists, getting all the information and data, it’s more all alike but the difference with the favorite of the adults compared to the students.

For the students’ survey, there were a lot of different results for the outcome.

Other: 20%

Tame Impala, Lady Gaga, King Van, Tyler The Creator, Baby Tron, and Yet.

Hip Hop/ Rap: 53%

Cole, Kendrick Lemar, Drake, Rod Wave, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Baby, Kanye West, and Gunna.

R&B: 21% 

The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Beyonce, Rihanna, and SZA.

Pop: 5%

Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and Elton John.

Country: 1%

Morgan Wallen.

In conclusion Hip Hop/ Rap is more popular than any other genre. Coming to research teenagers choose Hip Hop/ Rap more than anything else because it is an intense way of expressing universal themes such as social equality and the need for identity.

Showing the research and how that is true is by the staff/ faculty results.

Why do you think students choose Hip Hop/ Rap over anything? Hannah Gates replies, “Because they have catchy beats and hooks in the music. The repetitive nature makes them catchy and gets stuck in their heads. Making them listen more.”

The staff and faculty result is crazy compared to the students, showing from data these are the results.

Pop: 5%

Taylor Swift.

Other: 95%

Blues, Rock, Alternative/Indie, Folk, Country.

Why do you think the staff/ faculty choose differently, that is nothing teenagers listen to in our generation? Hannah Ferguson replies, “The difference is that younger people like older and newer music but the adults like their generation or older so the differences from what music was raised by and listened to in our young years are completely different than theirs.”