Oakmont Cheer Team Q & A 


Spartan cheer flexes the trophy

Oakmont Cheer Team Q & A 

By Mia Grabias

Since 2020, Oakmont Regional High School has not had a cheerleading team. This fall,  history teacher and softball coach, Erin Bergin brought it all back. 

What thought came to someone’s mind to bring back the cheer team after many years of not having a team anymore?

Coach Erin Bergin: “I wanted to form a cheer team. I was told that there was no cheer team when I was interviewed. Mr. U asked me if there was anything that I could bring to the school for extra-curricular activities–cheer was the answer. After coaching softball, I met with Mr. Dawley and started to turn that dream into a reality. I thought initially we would have a very small team, and likely not be able to compete for the winter season. I was astonished and excited at how many girls were interested in joining. I set up a three-phase proposal—90% of which we hit and exceeded this year. The team has exceeded my expectations this year. The girls have worked immensely hard and put an intense routine together and executed it beautifully. Our skills have gone from the most basic to some of the highest scoring on the competition rubric in four months. I am so blessed to work with a group of individuals who are  dedicated to the sport and dedicated to increasing their competition-ready skills.”

What do people outside of the cheer team think about the cheerleaders and their performances?

Ms.Hannah Gates, math teacher: “I have had the opportunity to watch the cheer team progress this season. From September when they first started together, til now, competing and placing at competitions, working long hours at practice, supporting each other, honing their skills and stunts, and now moving on to regional championships with the chance to continue further. I couldn’t be more proud of the progress they have made and continue to make and can’t wait to see what they accomplish in coming years.” 

How do the cheerleaders feel about their performances and how have they improved from the start of the season?

Desiree Fasulo, cheerleader: “We did good and worked hard for how far we went. We did well in all competitions, but I think we improved very well from moving on. I think that all of us cheerleaders had big different personalities and we worked very well together and got along.”