Netflix Debate: Outer Banks Vs. Stranger Things


 In 2016 a show based in the 1980s in Hawkins, Indiana came out on Netflix. It was about a boy Will (Noah Shnap) who is captured and brought into the ¨upside down¨ with all sorts of creatures such as demogorgons. 

His friends and his mom are looking all over for Will, trying to figure out how to save him. On the journey of finding Will, the boys run into a girl, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) who was in a hospital as a test subject who has telekinesis,

 She ended up escaping and ran into the boys. Throughout the show, the group and town face many different challenges and plot twists. This show became very popular among all age groups especially during the 2020 pandemic. 

Everyone was all about Stranger Things and couldn’t get enough of it. It was everywhere – all over social media. It’s all anyone could talk about. 

On April 15, 2020 a new show was released during the Pandemic (Outer Banks), this show was about a group of teenagers called the Pogues. They would face many challenges because they were faced against the Kooks. 

Pouges were the mostly poor and all had different stories in how they lived their lives; Kooks had a wealthy good life with parents and all good types of opportunities. 

John B (Chase Stokes) was raised his whole life to search for this treasure that his father would always teach him about. John B ends up falling in love with a Kook, Sarah Cameron (Madlyn Cline) and she turns into a Pogue.

There are a lot of ups and downs in this show and keeps you watching but all of the cliffhangers and exciting events. Outer Banks soon became a hit blowing up on tik tok, instagram, snapchat, everything people even started to dress like the characters from the show.

Just like Stranger Things, Outer Banks was renewed for more seasons. But the question is which Netflix show is more popular?

I interviewed Oakmont Regional High School English teacher Alex Dewhurst and asked him his opinions on the two shows and which one he would rather watch.

Mr. Dewhurst stated that he believes Stranger Things has better acting, a better storyline, and is just overall more interesting.

¨In ten years, Stranger Things will be regarded as one of the best shows on Netflix, while Outer Banks is gonna be just an after thought.¨ Dewhurst told me. 

Jen Cote, Oakmont English Department head Agrees. ¨Stranger Things has quality characters, good themes, and a good plot.Outer Banks is mindless cause they are just gonna be looking around finding treasure and getting chased, while Stranger Things makes you think and you actually start to care about the characters.¨ Cote says. 

So far as you’ve noticed Stranger Things is popular among the older viewers. This made me think. I wonder if Stranger Things is more popular among the adults and Outer Banks is popular among the teenage viewers? 

  ¨I would rather watch Outer Banks because we can relate to it more in our everyday life than Stranger Things and I like seeing reality more than fiction.” shared Oakmont junior Mia Grabias.  

Senior Haley Rutherford thinks differently. She thinks Stranger Things is a better show than Outer Banks.  “I would rather watch Stranger Things because it has a better plot and is interesting. It has a sci-fi aspect to it and every episode there’s something new to look forward to rather than it being repetitive like Outer Banks.” she says. 

So, if you’re looking for a show to watch no matter the age group, Stranger Things would be a good choice if you want sci-fi and a new adventure every episode, but if you would want to watch a journey of finding treasure I would recommend watching Outer Banks.