Oakmont keeps its eyes on Red Sox Opening Day


Oakmont Boys at Opening Day!

Red Sox Opening Day 

By Alex Dunn

The Boston Red Sox kicked off their season Thursday, March 30th at 2:10. They played the Baltimore Orioles. Although the Sox came up short in a 10-9 finish, it was an entertaining game and gave all the devoted fans something good to watch. Some Oakmont students made the trip in. Even though it was only 40 degrees in Boston, Fenway still packed in a massive audience.

Cold but sunny day in the bleachers.

The Sox fell behind 10-4 and it wasn’t until the eighth that they started to make it a game, bringing it to only a three-run deficit. The ninth inning was an exciting one and gave fans a real hope that the Sox could pull it off. Although that didn’t happen, it gave Boston fans a lot more hope than they had prior. 

The season is looking more promising for the Sox and Boston fans are psyched about the kickoff of the season!