Administrator Spotlight: Mrs. Spear

Administrator Spotlight: Mrs. Spear

Administrator Spotlight: Mrs. Spear

By Grace Hachey

Hometown: Pepperell 

Attended School: Billerica High Schoo

Past teaching/administrative experience: Fitchburg, Lawrence, Special Education 

Favorite color: Red

Your favorite place to travel: Anywhere tropical 

Favorite food, drink, restaurant: Japanese/hibachi 

How you like your coffee: Sugar, cream, and caramel swirl 

Pets: One dog and three cats 

Family/children/kids/significant other: Four kids two grandkids 

Is there anything Oakmont does differently than other schools worth noting?

The block schedule has been a lot for me to get used to. 

What made you decide to become an administrator? 

I love helping teachers/staff figure out what their path is going to look like and helping them get there. High school is my favorite age group, so being an administrator seemed like the best option. 

Is there anything you want kids to know about you? 

I spend my free time volunteering for Shriners Hospital and raising money for their programs.