Oakmont SADD helps with 1st annual Purple Paws Walk Event


Purple Paws

On April 29th, members of Oakmont’s SADD were asked to help set up for a fundraiser in Gardner; the Purple Paws Walk/Event. The event, as described on their flyer, works to “help the Purple Paws Foster Project to shelter pets of domestic violence survivors while they seek safety.” This event was the first one ever held. 

Caia and Scotchie Caouette (Hannah Peer)

As stated on their website, the Purple Paws Foster Project works with the Gardner Animal Shelter to find foster homes for animals whose owners are relocating themselves away from abusive situations. They provide these services for people in Gardner, Ashburnham, Westminster, and Hubbardston. This foundation was inspired by the Berkshire Humane Society’s PetSafe Program; the organization being based in Pittsfield, MA. 

The event on Saturday was held at the Pulaski Playground and Dog Park in Garner. The event kicked off with the “Purple Paw Walk,” this was a ten-minute walk around the park that could be done with your canine companions. To participate in the walk there was a registration fee, and this money will be going to provide necessary care for the pets in need. After the walk, there was a pet costume parade and law enforcement presentations; while throughout the entire event, there were vendors and raffle prizes. Raffle prizes which were baskets or certificates were from local businesses such as The Velvet Goose, and Priscilla Candy Shop. Chain businesses also contributed to the raffles: Staples, Tractor Supply and Petco were a few. 

SADD members arrived between 7:00-7:30 am Saturday morning to help with the event set-up. We set up vendor tables and chairs, placed signs for the Purple Paw Walk, and set up the raffle table and prizes. We completed our task on time, and the event was ready for its 9:00 am start time. 

More information can be found on the Purple Paw Foundation Project Website:


The Gardner News also wrote an informative article on the foundation:


All information on the Purple Paws Foster Project was gotten from the Purple Paws Walk/Event flyer as well as their website (listed above).