Oakmont’s Helen Yan receives awards and Ivy League acceptances


Yan visits Harvard University for May overnight orientation.

Senior Helen Yan has achieved very highly this school year, from winning the Worcester County Superintendents Association and Dianne Tattersall awards, to being accepted to three Ivy League schools. These acceptances utterly shocked Helen, sure to make Oakmont history.

Yan was chosen as the recipient of the Worcester County Superintendents Association award by Oakmont principal Mr. Jeffrey Lizotte and AWRSD superintendent Dr. Todd Stewart. She was honored for her hard work and high academic achievement at a luncheon at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester.

As for the Dianne Tattersall Award, Helen was honored on behalf of the Student Council. She was chosen among all other Student Council presidents in the central district to receive this highly regarded award for her excellence as the Student Council president at Oakmont.

As for her college acceptances, Helen did not expect to get into Harvard, Yale, or the University of Pennsylvania at all, in fact. “I was very surprised. It was a happy ending to senior year,” Helen stated.

Naturally, acceptance to Ivy League schools requires dedication, character, and scholarship. Helen has dedicated herself to Oakmont as Student Council member and president, Debate Club co-founder, Oakmont Explorer founder, National Honor Society member and historian, French Honor Society member, and SADD member. “I did as much as I could. I went for all the things I wanted to do.”

Although Helen had the choice between Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania, she ultimately chose Harvard. “Boston is a dream. I knew I wanted to do history, and Boston is a great place for that.” 

Overall, Helen wants to thank her teachers and friends, who have always encouraged and supported her. She is off to Harvard University, majoring in history and government. Congratulations, Helen!