Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks


Dunkin’ Donuts- a student favorite

By Desiree Fasulo

Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are both extremely popular coffee shops among the students of Oakmont. Every morning, as you walk down the halls, you will see several students carrying a Dunkin or Starbucks cup.

A survey was done, and through some research, it was discovered that 60% of students prefer Dunkin, 32% prefer Starbucks, and 7 % are fine with both or like something else.

Those who said Dunkin, for the most part, said it was because of better prices, and convenience, or that it was just easier to order because Starbucks drinks and names are so complicated.

Almost every person who sided with Starbucks said it was because their coffee tasted better, and was smoother. Some people also said that they liked ordering from there because it felt ‘fancy’. They agreed that it was expensive, but said that it was worth the money.

Overall, Starbucks and Dunkin are two very prominent companies in our school, and the two most popular coffee shops in our area.