Evening with the Arts: An annual Oakmont May Tradition


Evening With the Arts: A Celebration of Oakmont’s Talented Artists

By Harris Morand; Freshman

On Friday, May 5th, 2023, Oakmont Regional High School held the annual Evening With the Arts show.   Oakmont displayed the creative talents of its visual artists, musicians, photographers, and the tech engineers. 

When I walked into the building, I was amazed by the  display of artworks from our Oakmont artists. All around me were personal creations, each with their own unique story to tell. 

And when I thought I had seen it all, after walking down the hallways to the cafe and auditorium, there was even more art. More specifically, the walls had been lined with drawings of eyes, unique sketches, and creative builds from common everyday items like bottle caps and hardware. All of this made for a very creative show of displays.

But, it only got better from there.

When walking in the hallways, I heard the amazing performances of the school Jazz band. They had played very well, and could have definitely been nominated for a Grammy. Their music added a very nice touch to the atmosphere of the show.

The performance by the jazz band was impressive – just days before their gold medal trip to the Hatch Shell in Boston. Great job with the show.

There also were some live robotic demonstrations by Technology Engineering, with all sorts of categories of works shown off.   Though I only saw the display from Robotics, I can say with confidence that all the displays were amazing. It was a great example and display of the intelligence and vast skill sets of Oakmont’s engineers.

In short, the Evening With the Arts was a great show, filled with all sorts of creative talent and ingenuity from Oakmont’s students. And as someone who went there and looked all around, I could say it was fantastic.

And again, great job to everyone who participated in the show.