Mindless Wonder


Award Winner

Mindless Wonder

Charley Loiselle-Dupuis


The world in which cats grin and queens play croquet

The world is bright I’ve won the fight but I’ve lost the mind to care

Straps grow tighter chains grow heavy but gone are the days of fun

Empty is the world I knew and thought no longer mine

Dazed in this hell of my creation without the time to stop


How is a raven like a writing desk? How how how

Like pin and needle the hatter is here to have a cup of tea

As flowers sing and rabbits speak my world is back again

But gone are the days of childhood and the mome raths show no exit


Down the rabbit hole the mind may wander

In sanity and in insanity the mind creates wonders

The mirror shows the state of mind but time stops for none

Spiraling spiraling deeper deeper into the dark I sink

Vision clouds thoughts are mixing and time evades me