Colonial Day in Ashburnham


Oakmont’s Julia Feeley jumps rope

On May 19th Westminster Elementary School hosted its 24th annual Colonial Days for its third graders. It was organized by Jodi Feeley and it took place in the center of Westminster. The children participated in several activities dressed in Colonial garb. 

Some students started off their day at the St. Edwards Church, for crafts including making clay candle holders, tin lanterns, and whirligigs. Also, in St. Edwards Church was a demonstration of what Indigenous people would wear, performed by Natalie Breen.

Other classes went to the First Congregational Church, for woodworking and dancing down the hall. They learned a dance that would be done at a town gathering or party. They also went to the Historical Society for a cooking demonstration, where they got to try some delicious waffles. At 12:15 pm, all classes made their way back to St. Edwards Church for games that would have typically been played in the 1800s, then lunch, their parents could have provided it in a basket or a bag of food provided by the school.