Book Review: The Inheritance Cycle


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Book Review 

The Inheritance Cycle is, in my personal opinion, the greatest book series of all time.

I know that that is a big claim, but I fully believe that I am right. The entire series is beautifully written. The author, Christopher Paolini, created a masterpiece.

It is a four-book series about Eragon, the main character, from his teenage years on. He is a young man from a small village named Carvahall. It is nestled into the side of a mountain range called the Spine.

The story begins with two storylines. One follows an elf named Arya who is transporting a dragon egg and is ambushed by a Shade (which is a sorcerer who was possessed by spirits) and Urgals, which are the equivalent of orcs. The other follows Eragon, who is hunting in the spine. After Arya is ambushed, she teleports the egg away, and it ends up with Eragon.

You have to read it yourself to fully understand its brilliance. Especially if you like fantasy.

It is a thrilling ride full of adventure, love, strange magic, passion, and natural beauty. I don’t want to spoil the story anymore, but it is a must-read.

P.S. There is a sequel called Murtagh that I have not read yet.