Massachusetts 5,000 Meters high school Cross Country Bests- Top five

Marty Steucek, Author

  1. Andrew Cabral, a junior at Seekonk High School, pulled off a time of (16 minutes, 17 seconds) during the Highland Park Invitational on September 21st.
  2. Peter Burke, a senior at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, achieved a substantial time of (16 minutes, 24 seconds) during the Vineyard Invitational on September 7th.
  3. Kyle Sarney, a junior at Oliver Ames High School, attained his personal best time of (16 minutes, 26 seconds) during the Oliver Ames meet vs Taunton on September 17th.
  4. Jason Norris, a senior at Wellesley High School, acquired a well earned time of (16 minutes, 26 seconds, and five tenths of a second) during the Highland Park Invitational on September 21st. 
  5. Shane Grant, a senior at Walpole High School clinched in the top five with a time of (16 minutes, 28 seconds) during the Needham vs Braintree and Walpole meet on September 11th.