Ashburnham vs. Westminster

An old dispute of truth? Perhaps just opinions plagued


Entrance sign for Ashburnham

Ashburnham and Westminster: two towns paralleled within the same county. However, do not let artificial borders determine that these two settlements are about equal to each other. One is far superior to the other, casting a shadow upon its lesser.

That superior is quite obvious, Ashburnham. 

Established in 1736, the breathtaking settlement of Ashburnham was a promised land that was gifted to soldiers, as well as officers, during the 1690 expedition to Canada. According to the US Census Bureau, the vast 41.0 square miles, or 106 square kilometers, includes rich, classic, New-England soil as well as shining lakes.

Ashburnham offers a paradise, while Westminster well . . . tries to compete. 

Crusty Westminster, the ‘young-blood’ of this rivalry, was established in 1737, clearly trying to rip off its beautiful neighbor, Ashburnham. Only having 37.3 square miles, also equal to 97 square kilometers, Westminster is not only smaller, but its own insignificant landmass should be just given to Ashburnham as compensation for wasting space. 

It may be a bit harsh perhaps, but so far Westminster can barely pull its own weight while discussing landmass. A lackluster town when compared to the size of grand ol’ Ashburnham. 

However, keep in mind that size is not the only thing Ashburnham can boast about while being described as a better counterpart to Westminster. 

Westminster is currently situated, at least in the downtown sector, to be right off the roaring Route 2 corridor. This, in turn, causes heightened traffic during the peak hours of rush-hour. Ashburnham, which is so brilliantly designed, is only a 2-minute drive from that same Route 2. However, being that distance away from downtown causes traffic congestion to be at all-time lows, even during the morning commute. 

Having more traffic as well as an overall smaller landmass, Westminster is starting to show true apparent colors of not being the better half of the AWRSD district.

Speaking of the AWRSD district, some locals from Westminster would argue that Oakmont Regional High School belongs primarily to Westminster, given the fact that half the school is located in the territory.

Not only is that a lie, but it is a disgrace of an argument. 

AWRSD’s high school: Oakmont Regional

In fact, Oakmont Regional High School belongs primarily to Ashburnham. Only about ⅛ of the school is located in Westminster. That gives ⅞ to Ashburnham; a greater fraction of the estate. In light of these events, it is apparent that Westminster also breeds lies to make up for its sorry attempt to outcompete Ashburnham.

It is crucial to understand that in spite of these events, the people, rather the citizens of Westminster, are not bad persons at all. Their government, elected officials, are not bad persons at all. It is only the establishment of Westminster itself that pales in comparison to Ashburnham.

How could you ever compete with Ashbuirnham where we have, as stated before, a greater chunk of the school district, great liberties, a peaceful downtown, as well as a solar-powered lighting-plant. 

If anyone discusses that the establishment of Westminster is far better than its counterpart, their overall stance is not just a resemblance of an old clown’s tiring joke, but rather the resemblance of a painful, live production of an old, cringy circus.