A Quarantine Christmas

‘Twas the night before quarantine

And all through the town

No buildings were open

Not a person was found


Hand sanitizer was placed

By all doorsteps with care

In hopes that corona

Would never come there


The children were restless

And jumping on beds

While parents groaned loudly,

“Will this ever end?!”


With everyone in masks

Reading updates from their screens

We buckled up and avoided

Dreaded COVID-19


Scurried into our lives

A cough and a sneeze

Came a global pandemic

Shoved through with ease


Away to the grocery

We all flew like a flash

Bought all the toilet paper

And lost all our cash


The moon glowed on our fates

And comforted our fears

As people started to wonder

What would appear?


In the absence of busyness

A new life taking form

In the stillness of solitude,

In the absence of the storm


In the magic of together

And staying in our home

We’ve strengthened our connections

With our friends and our home


Helping others in need

Choosing kindness over fear

We’ll soon come to realize

It’ll be a crazy year


So take heart, take hope

Through this curious plight

Happy quarantine to all

And to all a safe night