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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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Student and faculty opinions on students goal-setting

What are Oakmont students and faculty opinions on the student reflection and action plans? Well, we asked students and staff from Oakmont about their opinions on the mandatory student reflections. 

First, how did Oakmont develop action plans? Well, Mr. Dana Atlobelli, a history teacher, was a key advocate supporting goal setting here at Oakmont as well as many other teachers. 

Starting Jan 23, Oakmont’s second semester started. Which means new classes, new opportunities and new goals. A unique way Oakmont attempts to motivate their students is student reflection. Student reflections are an action plan for students to look back at semester one and reflect on their academic objectives. 

According to Columbia University, students reported more academic success on the days which they had set goals. 

A student at Oakmont, Jayden Barnaby, class of 26´, spoke about how goal setting helps him. ¨Throughout the school year, I check and look back on my goals to make sure I am still following them.¨

Another student at Oakmont, Guliana Cucchi, also class of 26’ says, “During the course of the semester, I enjoy coming up with academic goals that make sure I maintain good grades.“ 

Mr. Alex Dewhurst, an English teacher here at Oakmont was interviewed about this subject because of his diverse personality-homeroom. The first question we asked was, ¨Do you believe student goal setting benefits students?¨ in which Dewhurst responded, ¨Yes, I do think student reflections benefit students because it keeps them focused on one single goal.¨

The second question we asked Dewhurst was, “Does your homeroom participate in goal setting?¨ To our surprise he responded, ¨Around 50% of students answer with serious goals and the others take it as a joke.” 

Finally we asked, ¨How can Oakmont improve student reflections?¨ Rather than doing it in the homeroom, every class should do it. Because nobody takes activities in the homeroom seriously since there is not a great attachment to the homeroom.¨ Later Dewhurst added, “Student reflections should be graded to encourage students to put their best effort into them.¨ 

Many students at Oakmont view the reflections as a positive, but how can student reflections be viewed as a negative? We interviewed students with opposing opinions on student reflections. 

According to Smarts, goals can be unrealistic and cause a negative message on high school students. 

Next we asked Dom Donahue, a class of 25´ his opinions on student reflections. “I think the student goals are unnecessary, goals are developed overtime not just deciding a new goal for the start of the semester.¨ 

Finally we interviewed Bella Rios, class of 24´, ¨I was not motivated to do the goal setting, I think Oakmont should find a separate way to motivate students academically.”  

What do you think Oakmont can do to improve students’ motivation? 


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Cecelia Sears, Reporter
Cecelia Sears is part of the class of 2027 at Oakmont Regional High School. This is her first year being part of The Oakmonitor. During the school year she is apart of Oakmont´s winter and fall cheer season, and has been cheering since she was ten. Durning Cecelia´s free time she likes to hangout with friends. She enjoys going to the beach, baking, and listening to music.
Frankie Donahue, Reporter
Francesca Donahue is a part of the class of 2027 here at Oakmont.  This is her first year writing for The Oakmonitor.  She had done cheer since she was 5 years old and currently does cheer for Oakmont in the fall and winter . Outside of school, she enjoys listening to music, shopping, traveling and being with friends and family.  In the future, Francesca plans on pursuing a career in the medical field or early child education.

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