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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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The Student News Site of Oakmont Regional High School

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Chili´s and What It Means to Us

Chocolate Molten Cake

We have been to Chili’s many times, but today we’ll be going again. We are anxiously awaiting this big lunch that we can feast upon. Before we get into the lunch, however, let’s talk a bit about the lore of our past times at Chili’s.

My friend Lea Mclaughlin and I went to Chili’s for the first time on the last day of school, June 23, 2023. After this amazing experience, we quickly went to our friends to tell them about it, including our friend Abby. We started bringing everyone there for a new meeting spot. Since then, we’ve been there a good 30 times. Whenever we didn’t have things to do we’d go, eagerly awaiting the tasty chips and salsa that we love so much.

Today, September 18th, 2023, Abby and I brought our friend Sara Curran to Chili’s. On any normal day we would just get the chips, but we decided that today we would go out of our way and buy a few more items.

We started off the meal by ordering our drinks. Personally, I got a mango lemonade, Emily got a regular lemonade, and Sara ordered a Shirley Temple. All of our drinks were quite good, but there was a small mishap; once Sara’s Shirley Temple came out, there was no, and I quote, “Shirley in my temple” – Sara Curran 2023.

Shortly after our drinks came out, the famous chips and salsa did as well. These chips have been the sole reason for our many appearances at Chili’s. The chips are so thin and crunchy; they’re doused in just the right amount of salt too. The chips are bottomless and only 5 dollars, and this just makes them ten times better. They’re the perfect meal for us to all share, and the salsa only makes it more incredible. It’s truly the most amazing salsa I have ever tasted. It’s not too thick; it’s the perfect consistency. There is a little kick to it, but not enough to earnestly affect you. The bond my friends and I share over the chips and salsa is immeasurable.

For some back story, we decided to all share a Cookie Skillet over the summer. This skillet honestly wasn’t the best, so today we thought it would be better if we asked for it to be a little undercooked. Along with the cookie, we decided to order a Chocolate Molten Cake. Starting with our thoughts on the cookie, this cookie was the best thing we have ever tried at Chili’s. Thinking it couldn’t be topped, we moved on to the Chocolate Molten Cake. This Chocolate Molten Cake quickly replaced the Cookie Skillet as the new best thing we’ve ever eaten. It was a perfect spongy cake and exactly what we were looking for. Truly a delectable dish!

While this short lunch date may not seem like much to you, it is big to us. The two of us are in our senior year now. We have our separate plans about the future, and they all involve moving away. Not only that, but we are very busy this year! We have jobs and extracurriculars. Finding time to see each other is hard, so we take what we can get. Chili’s is a place where we can leave the stress of the outside world at the door and focus on ourselves and our friendship. It is an experience that we wouldn’t trade for the world.

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Abby Ruscoe, Editor
Abby Ruscoe is part of the Oakmont Class of 2024. This is her first year being a part of The Oakmonitor team. She is a member of StuCo, Model UN, and the secretary of the French Honor Society. In her free time she enjoys listening to Taylor Swift and spending time with her best friends. 
Emily Leger, Editor-in-Chief
Emily Leger is part of the Oakmont Class of 2024. This is her first year being a part of The Oakmonitor team. She has taken two years of Creative Writing. She enjoys watching movies, kayaking, cars, and lounging. ¨Let's Go Swimming!¨- DJ Khalid

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